Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mixed Media Card Deck

Hi There,

Have you ever altered a deck of cards?  I have, and its so much fun!  

Here are some cards that I designed for a card deck swap.

This is a great project to use recycled items like cereal boxes, instead of an actual deck of cards.  You would just cut it down to size.  I also think that this size card is a wonderful for trying different techniques.

My creative process for this project:

 Selected pretty DCWV Paper..

Gluing the cards to the back of the paper

A layer of gesso

First layer of paint

Second layer of paint


And here are the back of my cards.  More DCWV paper...Luv that glitter!

I have participated in several altered deck swaps. I love receiving cards from other creative artists!

I hope that this project has inspired you to create something!

Remember our Mixed Media Challenges will start June 1st!

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Mixed Media Mediums

Challenges Coming June 1st!

I hope you enjoyed our introductions and we are excited to bring you our first challenge on June 1st!  Don't worry anyone can play along.  Even if you are a cardmaker you can play along also, it's so much fun!

What is Mixed Media anyway?  Here is a simple definition from Wikipedia:

"Mixed media, in visual art, refers to an artwork in the making of which more than one medium has been employed."

Pretty simple but then you may ask what is Medium? Again from Wikipedia:

"In the arts, a medium is a material used by an artist or designer to create a work."

Here is yet another definition which I love from Interweave Store

"What is mixed media? The simple answer is that mixed-media art happens when an artist uses more than one medium in a piece of art. Paper with paint, encaustic paint with fiber, paper and stitch—the list goes on. In fact, mixed-media art techniques are only limited to the artist's imagination and supplies. 

To most mixed-media artists, more is more. They like to create textured backgrounds with lots of depth, layering paint, pastels, gel medium, and paper, adding focal points with images, found objects, and more."

Basically in my opinion there are no real rules and definitions.  The basic one is that it's MIXED so using more than just a piece of paper.  I suppose one might argue that a card stamped with ink is mixed media because you used ink and paper.  But I think mixed media is a few mediums and texture.  To me the texture is what makes something a mixed media piece, again just off the top of my head and my opinion. 

What do you think Mixed Media is?  How do you interpret it?  Leave us a comment below we'd love to hear what you think.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

One more introduction.....

It's time now for our last introduction to Mixed Media Mojo!

Francine Rossoni

Here is a little something about Francine:

"Hello!  My name is Francine Rossoni and I am a Mixed Media and Book Artist and Poet.  My journey into the Arts began 1 1/2 years ago.  I always suspected there was a "creative" inside me somewhere.  I decided to pull her out to start making "art" of my own.  It all started with Art Journaling.  I loved the fact that the journal was all my own and I did not have to show my "work" to anyone else but me.  However,  by watching a LOT of videos and reading books, I noticed that many artists did not judge themselves even if their art "went a muck".  Well I still am working on the "art confidence" thing but I am learning to silence my inner critic! 
I enjoy creating my own blank books using a variety of media and learning new ways to bind those naked beauties.  Blank books just scream out to be used, drawn, and written in.  I think they are just sooo Yummy!   However, I must admit that most of my healing, encouragement and creative process all stems from writing  poetry.   Its painting with words.  Some of my Art work  has been inspired by the powerful and gentle words that flow from my pen.  Ink......encouraging art, encouraging the soul.  You cant ask for anything better.
Be sure to visit her on her blog: The Vellum Jar"

Here is a great Mixed Media piece Francine recently made:

Well that's it for our Design Team introductions!  We are excited to get the party started and hope you will follow us.

Our first challenge will be posted on JUNE 1st and then the 1st of each month after that.  Then each Wednesday one of our DT members will share some fun Mixed Media, whether it be a piece they made something new they discovered a video it's sure to be fun!

Invite your friends to come follow us and play along!  If you have never done anything with mixed media before come play it's fun and simple!  You will be glad you tried.

We will be back tomorrow with one more post so I hope you will stop by!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Let's continue the party.....

Who is ready for our next fabulous Design Team member of Mixed Media Mojo?  I'm certainly excited!!

Our next member is:


"Hi There... My name is Tameko, and I live in the BIG state of Texas, with my husband and our two kids. I started out creating scrap book layouts many years ago, but have since discovered card making, art journaling, mixed media projects, and loom knitting! Every chance I get, I run up to my guest bedroom to create something, because its relaxing to me. I have been blogging for several years. I really enjoy visiting other designer blogs, and learning new techniques. I have been blessed to meet some wonderful people on this creative journey. If you get a chance stop by my place Creating My Peace, and let me know you came by so I can come and visit you!


Here is a wonderful project from Tameko I know you will love:

This is a mixed media journal that Tameko created from a 21 Secrets Class.  One of the neatest things about this is, I created my very own cover paper with a variety of media.  You can visit her blog HERE for more details on this beautiful project!

How excited are you?  I do hope you are getting excited for these fun challenges!  One more fabulous designer to introduce to you tomorrow so stay tuned!

Be sure to invite your friends over here and don't forget to follow us so you don't miss a thing!

Till tomorrow!


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Design Team Introductions...

I'm so glad you are back for our Design Team intros!  Today I would like to introduce to you:


Here is a little something about Amber in her words:

"Hello! My name is Amber Hight. I currently live in Arizona, but in August will be moving to the Seattle area in Washington. My husband is active duty in the Air Force and it keeps us moving! We don’t have human kids, but I have two labs who I consider my kids - Luke and Jesse.

I began my crafty pursuits in 2005. I started out scrapbooking and then found my niche in card-making. I am on a couple design teams for stamp manufacturers and love what I do! Most recently, I started dabbling in art journaling and mixed media. Not for any particular reason other than I wanted to try something new. I figured I could combine my love for papercrafts with this new hobby and get to do EVERYTHING I love!

 I am so excited to get this blog challenge off the ground and hopefully meet some new friends, and maybe even drag some old friends into this new adventure with us!"

You can check out Amber's fabulous work on her blog - The Stamping Scrapbooker.

Check out this great piece Amber made:

Stayed for out next designer announced tomorrow!


Monday, May 12, 2014

Mixed Media Mojo - Let's Get This Party Started!

It's time for out Design Team introductions!  Well you all know I'm a part of this so I'll start with myself then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I will reveal the other 3 WONDERFUL ladies starting this super fun adventure with me!

A little something about me:

I am a SAHM of 8 year old boy/girl twins.  It all started about 13 or so years ago when I attended my first at home stamp party.  Ever since I have been addicted!  I made cards for many years then got into scrapbooking and more recently mixed media/art journalling.  I'm excited to get started with this challenge blog and hope you will join in!

Here is a layout from my art journal:

I definitely mixed the media here with stamps and ink,  sprays, gesso.

See you back here tomorrow where we will share our next Design Team Member!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Welcome to Mixed Media Mojo!!!

Welcome to Mixed Media Mojo!  I've created this blog as a challenge blog but also a place for some mixed media fun! Whether you are a total beginner or advance crafter we'd love to have you come on by and play along!  We are working hard behind the scenes to get your first challenge ready and some fun blog posts!

Our monthly challenges will go live on the first of each month last through that month! During the course of the month we will have fun posts about Mixed Media, sharing things we know have learned or found along the way and of course reminders about the current challenge! What would you like to see here?

On Monday May 12 we will start sharing the Mixed Media Mojo team with you!  We are so excited to get started and share some mixed media goodness.

Can't wait!

See you soon!