Thursday, May 15, 2014

One more introduction.....

It's time now for our last introduction to Mixed Media Mojo!

Francine Rossoni

Here is a little something about Francine:

"Hello!  My name is Francine Rossoni and I am a Mixed Media and Book Artist and Poet.  My journey into the Arts began 1 1/2 years ago.  I always suspected there was a "creative" inside me somewhere.  I decided to pull her out to start making "art" of my own.  It all started with Art Journaling.  I loved the fact that the journal was all my own and I did not have to show my "work" to anyone else but me.  However,  by watching a LOT of videos and reading books, I noticed that many artists did not judge themselves even if their art "went a muck".  Well I still am working on the "art confidence" thing but I am learning to silence my inner critic! 
I enjoy creating my own blank books using a variety of media and learning new ways to bind those naked beauties.  Blank books just scream out to be used, drawn, and written in.  I think they are just sooo Yummy!   However, I must admit that most of my healing, encouragement and creative process all stems from writing  poetry.   Its painting with words.  Some of my Art work  has been inspired by the powerful and gentle words that flow from my pen.  Ink......encouraging art, encouraging the soul.  You cant ask for anything better.
Be sure to visit her on her blog: The Vellum Jar"

Here is a great Mixed Media piece Francine recently made:

Well that's it for our Design Team introductions!  We are excited to get the party started and hope you will follow us.

Our first challenge will be posted on JUNE 1st and then the 1st of each month after that.  Then each Wednesday one of our DT members will share some fun Mixed Media, whether it be a piece they made something new they discovered a video it's sure to be fun!

Invite your friends to come follow us and play along!  If you have never done anything with mixed media before come play it's fun and simple!  You will be glad you tried.

We will be back tomorrow with one more post so I hope you will stop by!


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