Monday, August 10, 2015

Lyric Inspired

I love listening to music while I create. My lyrical inspiration for the journal pages above ranges from New Order through Pink Floyd to Van Morrison. A song almost always evokes an emotion within. It can summon to mind a particular person or place we have only imagined. I am often inspired by a word or a phrase I hear   The power of music is emotional yet short lived. Journal pages capture in images the feelings music is able to inspire.
Here are a few Musical prompts for you to try.
  • Journal A memory evoked by a song.
  • Journal the first song you hear in a day.
  • Put the music on your I Pod or Phone on shuffle journal a  word or phrase from the first song that plays.
  • Use the story in a song to create an image.
I hope you have been inspired to bring your pages to life with a song!
Linda x


  1. These are all three sooooo neat to see Linda. Wish I could see them better! Hard to chose a fav but I think it might be the middle one for me! the colors and the textures on all of them are just great though. Super inspirations. j.

  2. Wonderful inspirational pieces Linda, great textures and colours.
    xxx Hazel.

  3. Im not totally certain this is how you submit your art for the challenge, but here is a link to mine:!Mixed-Media-Mojo-Lyric-Inspired/cxq3/55cccdfc0cf25f10d9b4edbe