Monday, January 18, 2016

Word for Year

In November, I shared how I was recycling a cookbook I found at Goodwill and I planned to make it into a journal.  You can find  that initial post at this link.

For 2016 I have chosen Explore as my word of the year.  I retired in July 2015 and now I have the time to explore.  There are so many things that I wish to explore.  I wish to explore the world of art and learn new things, try new things and develop my talents.  I want to explore the world and travel.  I already have two trips planned for this winter to escape the winter cold.  I am contemplating a trip west in August to visit family, friends and do some art stuff.  We will see.  I also need to explore my house - I need to see what hidden artifacts I have in this house and clean/clear them out.  I do get distracted when I do this.

Here is my double journal pages in my recycled book.  Please do not be critical, I have done very little journaling.  I am having fun and exploring all kinds of new things.

Here are close ups of some of the elements on the pages.

Do you see one of the birds I have been drawing was laying on the table and he decided since he was the same color he should be on the page.  All the "explore" words were stickers that were gifted to me by a friend as they were moving.

The orange flower is embossing paste that has been colored.  I tried to outline the petals with a black pen.

The black circles were done with the end of a toilet paper roll dipped in black ink.
See those little white things that look like Pac Man - those are the inside of the letter stickers.

I used Dylusions paints on my pages.  If you have not tried these paints, they are fantastic.  They are worth the investment.

Here are some more picture of how the page evolved.

Thanks for joining us on our Monday journal entries.  Don't be afraid to try something new - EXPLORE whatever interests you.


  1. Your art journal pages are beautiful! I love how you created the layers. EXPLORE is definitely a fitting WOTY for you. I haven't thought of doing a WOTY for 2016, but after seeing your post, I'm now likely to brainstorm and come up with my own Word of The Year. Thanks for sharing your artwork!


  2. Love the vibrant colours and the layering of the pages. Clever to use items form around the house too x Love the idea of a WOTY x

  3. Love these pages, such happy vibrant colours! I am determined to have a good go at art journaling soon (was my aim last year😕) so you may yet inspire me to get going x

  4. Your pages are really great, great word for the year too. I love all the little things you added using things around the house or things you might have thrown out otherwise. I would like to do a little more journaling this year too so may have to give this a try.

  5. Your art journaling is wonderful and so colourful. I have been thinking about creating an art journal for some time. I will try to make one this year....

  6. What a cheerful and fun journal creation! Wouldn't it be fun to be that cute little bird and EXPLORE all the ins and outs of the flowers and bubbles and balls on these pages??? OH YEAH!!! j.

  7. Gorgeous colours and love all the layers of stamps and stencils, can't wait to see more! Deb xo

  8. Love your layout! Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Wonderful fresh coloured flower power pages. I love it much. Your pages make me feel good and let me smile,lovely.
    Dear Greetings

  10. Very fun journal and I love your word of the year!! Fabulous! I think your explorations sound like great goals and you are well on your way to learning many new things!!