Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fun with Gelli Plates

Hi there!  Today I wanted to share a little something about Gelli Plates.  Many have done printing made from gelatin and have loved it.  I tried that once and i was a mess for me and didn't work out right.  So I purchased a Gelli Plate by Gelli Arts.

This one is the 8x10 size, now they have lots of other cool sizes.  There is so much you can do with this fun tool and I have only just begun.  So I want to share a few simple prints I made:

The plate is NOT made of gelatin at all.  It is made "It is made with mineral oil and is a hypoallergenic polymer material." (borrowed from the Gelli Arts site)  Here is a pic of mine:

It comes packaged in a clear snap close case with 2 plastic sheets on it protecting it.  Keep it packaged this way all the time and store it flat.  

You might ask what kind of paper I use.  Well you can use anything really from card stocks to tissue type papers.  Here are two I have used that worked well:

I did a search online to find the Delipaper but it is just that those pieces of paper that deli's used to wrap sandwiches.  The paper pad is from Target in the craft/kids section inexpensive and great.

The suggested color to use is plain 'ole acrylic inks simple and inexpensive.  Then you can use stamps & stencils to create patterns.  You just need to be careful and not use anything sharp so you don't puncture the plate. Simple blunt plastic objects to great texture works well also.

Well there you have it a super simple introduction to Gelli plates.  I will try to play more with mine and explore techniques to share in the future.  If you have any to share please leave us a comment below!

Thanks for stopping by!  

There is still time to play along in our first challenge here.  So come join us!


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