Monday, April 20, 2015

Da Vinci inspired Art Journal page

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art"

 My inspiration for art journalling often comes from a quotation, a of song lyric, something I have read or even heard on the radio. I carry a little note book around with me in case I hear something that I might be able to use.This page was inspired by  Leonardo Da Vinci. His words and his imagery.
By incorporating a variety of image transfer techniques into the collage I have been able to create a  sense of depth through the use of translucent layers.

 One of the methods I have used  is known as face to face transfer. Here is how to achieve it.
  • Choose the image you want to transfer and trim to size. Apply a generous layer of matt medium to the front of the image.Toner and laser prints will make clear crisp transfers. ( Avoid glossy magazines)

  • Place the image face down where you wish it to appear on your work. (this technique will give you a reverse image so it is not good for script)
  • Burnish gently to remove any bubbles and to remove any surplus medium. Be patient you will need to do this for a good 5 minutes.

  •  Leave to dry for at least 4 hours. I like to leave mine overnight.

  • Once dry spritz the back of the image with some water and start rubbing the paper fibers away.

  •  When all sign of paper has been rubbed off you are left with a beautiful translucent image.
 Practice is key to image transfer. Incomplete or faulty images will inevitably happen but may still have a place in your work.

I hope this post has inspired you to go and play, experiment and just have some fun with image transfers.
If you would like to see some more examples of how I use image transfers in my work, please visit my blog 
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Linda .


A Final  word of caution . Please be aware of copyright restrictions particularly if sourcing your imagery from the Internet.


  1. What a wonderful quote - spirit with the hand - and wow - you created an incredible work to go with the quotation. STUNNING. Really enjoy all the layers and uniqueness. Just in awe of this page Linda. Wow. j

  2. So pleased you like it . Thank you .

  3. A wonderful journal page, I love the quote.
    xxx Hazel.

  4. Love your page and art! This technique is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing a fabulous post!~kim

  5. Lovely image and amazing transfer! I do enjoy this technique and you are correct that practice makes perfect. Awesome job! ~Niki