Monday, April 25, 2016

Journaling With Recycled Items

In a previous post I shared how I had found a spiral cookbook which I was going to use for a journal.  I decided to do another page in the recycled cookbook.

I had previously glued two pages of the book together so I had a stronger base for my mixed media.  I then added a layer of gesso to give the base for whatever would happen next.  One never knows where your creativity will go when you are working with mixed media.

I added some yellow paint to the page.  I did just do one page for the journal entry but I wanted the two pages to coordinate so you will see that I have worked on both pages for part of the creative process.

Another recycled item to be used on this page is a sales brochure from a department store.  I cut out all the dresses in the brochure and will use some of them in the final journal.  Along the side of each page you see teal colored paper from the brochure.

I have added paint in the teal color around the edge of each page.  I then stenciled orange on the pages.

Here are the pictures I cut from the sales brochure.

I decided to use the black and orange from some of the pictures.  I cut circles out of the chosen designs.

Here the circles are laid on the page.

The circles were added to the page along with a die cut Happy.  I also had gotten a new stamp set which had lots of happy statements on it so I stamped them on pieces of gray paper from the brochure and just cut them out.  I was not too neat in my cutting.  I also added some black stamping on the page.  I got out some sticker sheets and added the word happy in several different spots on the page.  I also did some journaling on the page.

Here is the finished page.

Next time you get that fashion sales brochure in the mail, take a look at it and see what beautiful colors are in there.  I kept another group of pictures which have lots of navy in them.


  1. A wonderful journal page, the colours are lovely.
    xxx Hazel.

  2. Love your journal page! Sales brochure are great to use! Hugs!

  3. A happy page indeed Barb, fabulous colours and love how you recycled the sales brochures! Deb xo