Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pet Christmas Decorations

Hello all! Niki here (aka Pawsitively Creative) on the blog today and as some of you may know I am a vet tech that loves her furry family members. I make this dog biscuit wreath ornament for them every year, so I thought I would share my process.

First, get your supplies ready.

 Using old cardboard boxes cut out a round wreath shape. The size of the wreath depends on the size of your treats (cat treats work as well). I like to use wired ribbon because it holds the treats better. Cut a very long piece of ribbon (more than you think you will need.) 

Grab your glue gun and attach your ribbon at an angle to the back of your cardboard. 

Next-wrap your ribbon around your wreath and insert treats at every new wrap. Does that make sense?
Continue wrapping and inserting treats until your entire wreath is done. The last wrap will be the top of the wreath so make sure your ribbon is long enough to reach the back of the wreath. We don't want the end to show on the front. Use your glue gun to secure the edge. You can stop here, or to add an elegent touch, use an embellishment or a holiday pick to attach to the front top. I used 2 gold leaves and some gold balls. 

This is an easy way to include your pets in your holiday festivities. TIP-some animals have allergies to certain foods so remember to get hypoallergenic treats if needed. TIP-make sure these wreaths are out of reach of pets! We wouldn't want them to eat the ribbon or cardboard!!
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays to all! If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment and I will answer ASAP. 

Carpe Diem!