Sunday, July 26, 2015

My heart is full of longing for the secert of the sea.(Longfellow)

To journal everyday might seem daunting, I think the key is to keep it simple and learn to work quickly. Try to capture the essence of what you want to say and don't over think things or feel the piece needs to be complicated or to have taken allot of time to have any merit.
Here is a Journal page inspired by a walk by the sea collecting shells.


This Journal page took about 30 min to put together, I have also chosen not to stage the photo, I kinda like the shadows that play through my window onto the page.

 Here is how I achieved it.
Create a frame in masking fluid allow to dry and apply a blue wash

Stamp some shell shapes onto the background
Add another stamped image( starfish) rub off the masking fluid  to create a white frame and highlight with a black pen.

Add some contrast between the imagery in a darker colour

Finally journal around the edge  

Quick and effective. I hope you have been challenged to have a go !
Thanks for reading
Linda x


  1. So interesting Linda. Thanks bunches for sharing your process. j.

  2. This is wonderful Linda, I love how you've created it.
    xxx Hazel.