Wednesday, July 29, 2015

NeocolorII Crayons - Yay or Nay !!!

Good Morning lovely people out there in Mixed Media land !!

Tracy here with todays Mixed Media Wednesday post........

I dont know about you but i am obsessed with every new mixed media product that i discover, the lure of playing and experimenting with something new is just too much for me to resist and before i know it ive made the purchase only to leave my new obsession sitting there gathering dust as i have no idea what to do with it !!

Well no more !!!...... i am working my way through my materials and determined to justify each and every purchase...

A couple of months ago i went on holiday and decided to take only my neocolorII watersoluble crayons (that i had had for about a year and never used!!) and some black and white acrylic paints as well as some background and feature stamps, and i am so glad that i did, the first couple of pages i created i wasnt very impressed with but as i perservered throughout my holiday and just experimented with them in different ways eventually i was able to produce results that i was happy with.....

So.....What are neocolorII crayons ??
They are a crayon in all senses of the word and come is some fabulous colours, you can use them in the traditional sense and use them dry to colour, highlight and shadow your work, they are highly pigmented and the best this about them is when they are activated with a wet brush they turn into amazing watercolours,

Are they Expensive ??
They are not the cheapest watersoluble crayons on the market however they can be purchased either in sets or individually and in my personal opinion the colours and intensity make them worth the price (individual crayons retail for around £1.40 or $2.00) and the fact that you can purchase individually means you can buy the colours that you want or just buy a couple to try out and see if you like them without committing to a more expensive set purchase.

Would i recommend them ??
Without a doubt !!, they have become a real staple in my art journalling stash now that i have figured out how to get the results that i want and i love the portability of them when travelling.

So if like me you have these sitting in your stash gathering dust, break them out, blow off the dust and get playing and experimenting, they really are a hidden gem !!

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  1. I'll have to check the crayons out later as I love what you've done with them - a fabulous piece.
    xxx Hazel.

  2. Just looooove your artwork! The colour is beautiful. I am gonna buy some neoncolor and try'em 😊

  3. beautiful page - I know I buy things and never use - I usually forget I bought them

    Barb Housner