Wednesday, October 8, 2014

From Pickle Jar to Candy Jar – the Journey

I was a lowly pickle jar but I aspired to be something greater.  I knew in the creative hands of Barb I would emerge from my dullness to be a fun candy jar that everyone wants to dip their hands into for a tasty treat.

Grab some candy and join Barb on the journey taking me from dull and boring to fun and spectacular. 

Clean your jar and remove all the glue residue from the label.  Usually a good soak will take care of this but if needed, Goo Gone works to get off the last little bits of adhesive.  Just make sure you wash me well after using this stuff.

The first step was to add designs with embossing paste.  Barb scribbled gelatos on her mat and mixed in the embossing paste until she got the perfect color.  She used a Hero Arts stencil to add the design. 

Barb then resumed a long lost relationship with Webbing Spray from Krylon.  She had forgotten how much fun this product was. The black webbing was a perfect accent for a Halloween project.  (on a side note – Barb said the white webbing was great on winter projects).  Just make sure you do your spraying in a box so as not to make a mess.  

Well I had to cover my belly.  You can’t have your belly hanging out – even for Halloween it is not pretty.  Barb grabbed some great Halloween paper and some black fabric. 

Did you notice my belly band has four layers.  She tore a strip of fabric for a layer.  Another strip of fabric was tied in the cutest little bow.  She glued it on my middle and I am almost ready to go but every candy jar needs a cute lid to finish off their costume.  She cut paper for the top and a strip of paper to put around the edge.  Gel medium works great for this.

Don’t tell Barb but she really needs to work on her photo taking skills.  I keep telling her but does she remember.  No.  Must be old age sneaking in on her.

She got out her trusty spray can of black webbing and decorated my top.  I am getting better by the minute.  Barb dug through her ample supplies (OMG ample is not the word to describe her enormous stash).  She found these great eye ball stickers, a sentiment and a pumpkin and the embellishment journey began.  She used all those eyeball stickers – I have eyeballs where candy jars shouldn’t have eye balls.  See – I am now beautiful.

Be brave, grab an old jar you were going to recyle and go to town.  Make that jar into something fun.

Thanks for stopping by.  I do hope you learned something from Barb.  I will keep on her to keep improving her craft so stop by and visit us again.  Happy snacking.


  1. This is just too cute Barb, or should I say Mr. Candy Jar? Lol!

  2. Really cute jar, I should really make some of them with my ample supply of jars that I hate to throw out.

  3. Awesome tut Mr. Former Pickle Jar! You are gorgeous in this transformation!

    Hahahha great write up Barb!~kim

  4. Great job. I really like how the webbing looks.

  5. I have dozens of jars screaming right now for dresses! This is so fabulous! All the layers are wonderful and the webbing...oh my gosh the webbing..I didn't know it existed! This is absolutely fabulous and beautiful!
    P.S. I am a terrible photographer....your pics are professional compared to mine!!lol

  6. LOVE THIS! Thanks for an awesome tutorial!

  7. Great project!! Love the webbing, it gives the project such depth.