Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Embossing Paste Done Two Ways

A couple weeks ago I had the honor of taking a class with Frank Garcia from Prima Flowers.  It was so fun and I came away with the most beautiful project which was in a frame.  All ready to be hung on the wall.

I am going to talk about a couple of the different techniques that we did.  Of course, I did not take notes so I am doing this from what I remember and I am sure I forgot some things but I did get a nice result.

Here is a picture of the mats in the project.

You first started by putting patterned paper on top of your chipboard.  After the patterned paper was adhered to the chipboard, I inked the edges of the paper

The outer mat was done by spreading embossing paste on your chipboard and then you stamped on it with a rubber stamp.  I don't think it looked like this in class.  You could see more of the stamped image in the paste.

On the inside mat, you used a stencil and put embossing paste through the stencil.

Four different inks were used to achieve the beautiful color.  My pictures do not do it justice at all.

Using an ink blending tool you kept adding layers of color.  The orange color is what brings the colors all together.  I will only show you a picture of one of them.  I then put a coat of gel medium over the top to set the colors.  We used Tim Holtz Rock Candy in the class but I didn't have any so I improvised.  It was also used in two different ways which I don't remember.

After you are happy with the color, you then use a gold spray to add gold to the pieces.  I just laid the pieces down and misted in the air and let the gold fall down on the pieces.  I did this twice.

I hope you can see the gold glisten on the two pieces.  This was a fun technique to try.  I did not have time to make a project yet.  I think it could be a beautiful fall card.

My note to myself is that next time I need to write down the steps and how we used product.  I did come up with a similar look to our project in our class.

I love taking classes and learning new techniques and trying new products.  Prima has a wonderful new sprays but I haven't been able to purchase any yet.


  1. Stunning technique! Must give it a go!

  2. Love these techniques such gorgeous results!~kim

  3. Ahhhhhhhhh FABULOUS - a work of art - what a great opportunity! j