Monday, June 8, 2015

Watercolour effects in Art Journaling

I love working in watercolour, it is so unpredictable and random no 2 pieces will ever be the same.
The effect is created using watercolour pigment ( Dr PH Martin Hydrus )  rubber stamps and good quality watercolour paper. I have worked on rough and smooth papers to show how the paper effects the over all finish.
  • Flood you paper with clean water 

  • Using a wash brush add a small amount of diluted pigment to the wet paper and watch the magic begin!

rough 140 lb watercolour paper

addition of another colour wash

smooth 90lb watercolour paper

  • Apply a highly pigmented wash of colour onto your Stamp

  •  Stamp onto your background ( Background must be dry before you stamp )

smooth paper

rough paper
  • Spritz the imagery to create a bleed in the pigment .

  • Here are a few other samples


Now it is up to you. The technique will take practice, learning how watercolours behave is key, but I think the effect is well worth the effort.
Many thanks  Linda 


  1. Masterpiece Linda! Love the watercolour effect!

  2. This is so gorgeous Linda! I love the watercolors and the wonderful texture. You make it look so fun and simple. Thanks for sharing, I have to give it a try!~kim

  3. Great with watercolours!! Thank you so much for sharing, love it. Hugs. Caty

  4. So interesting to see Linda. Especially the difference in the two types of papers. Love playing with watercolor - thanks for the inspiration. j.